Tyler Daughtry

A free spirit from day one, Tyler Daughtry spent most of her life outdoors and around the water, which has greatly influenced her artwork. She began her artistic journey in her teens as a painter, which is when she first fell in love with color and pattern. In 2010 Tyler moved to Savannah, Georgia to study fibers and textile design at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). There, she learned many processes such as repeat pattern design, dyeing, weaving, beading, and embroidery. Tyler received a BFA in Fibers from SCAD in 2015, and since has completed several internships, and now works full time for the Los Angeles based fabric house, Selvedge. 

Born into a family of sailors, we lived on a boat named Wanderlust until I was four years old. Nature, and especially water, has been an influential part of my life, and work, for as long as I can remember. Most of my art is inspired by the details and patterns in life, from the visual patterns we see everywhere, like water reflections and tree bark, to life cycles, like the moon and the weather. I love the way everything in life fits and flows together, and I am able to explore and express those patterns through processes that take time and patience, and intertwine various elements and materials.